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Luke Rohm Product & Development

Luke Rohm

Luke is a Leveled UP founder based in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Focused on Product Manager, Development, Analytics.

Jared Mease People

Jared Mease

Jared is one of Leveled UP's Founders based in Des Moines Iowa. Jared is a veteran leader with 15+ years in senior roles mentoring tomorrow's superstars. A Cedar Falls, Iowa native, Jared challenges us to get to our next Level and is ready to get your team there too.

Manny Pareek Process

Manny Pareek

Manny Pareek is Leveled UP's Process Phenom. Experienced Agile and Scrum Master. Manny keeps our work focused and removes roadblocks. We move fast, but Manny makes sure we don't break things.